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Sherrill Structural Repair

9611 Brookdale Dr. Ste 100, Box 153  Charlotte, NC 28215

About Joe

Sherrill Structural Repair (aka SSR) serves the Greater Charlotte Area and the surrounding communities.  SSR specializes in foundation and crawl space repairs. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Wood Replacement
    • Band Sill, Sill plate, Girder Replacement, Joist, Subfloor, Wall Studs, Fixing Improper Construction
  • Internal Foundation Settlement
    • Settled Supports, Sagging Floors, Broken or Poorly Constructed CMU Piers, Installation/Repair of Drop Girders or other Structural Support Systems, Doors that won’t close, Cracks in Walls or Doorways
  • External Foundation Settlement
    • Helical Pier Installation, Cracked Foundations, Footing Issues, Grind and Points for Brick Veneers
  • Moisture, Drainage and Mold Management
    • Vapor Barriers, Internal and External Drainage Solutions, Sump Pump & Basin Installation, Ventilation Fans


A healthy home starts with a good foundation, so if you have problems with your crawl, give us a call!

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