When the dog days of summer hit, it is pretty easy to forget about your air conditioning system. In the spring we were diligent about getting the filters changed and getting the preventative maintenance done. Fall is almost here! Why should I worry about the A/C?

Here in the southeast, your air conditioner has probably had 3,000 or more hours on the clock since you started using it in the spring. This is 3,000 hours of moisture condensing on the coils and draining away, filters that have been grabbing dust out of the air almost constantly, and outdoor units that have been subjected to many lawn cuttings as well as all the summer insects that are so prolific in the summer.

Just because the cool air is out of sight and out of mind, don’t forget that we still have warm days and muggy nights ahead. Be sure to check and change those filters one more time! At Sky HVAC, this is the time of year we get a lot of calls of equipment not performing as it did earlier in the year. Our dispatchers always have the customer check the filters, and more than half the time, this has just been neglected and the problem easily fixed without the need for a service call.

So get out there and enjoy the days as they get shorter, but don’t forget your air conditioner! It worked hard for you all summer, but it just needs a little love here at the end of the season to keep you happy and cool before it gets cold and we REALLY miss these days of heat and humidity!